“Greed breeds loyal followers.”

“Greed breeds loyal followers.”
“That is why we are standing at this choice now. It has taken its toll on her, on us. Everyone is bleeding.”
“More blood needs to be spilled before the creators will be satisfied.” www.readarach.com 

Is your tea cold?

I watched the Hobbit from the legendary master JRR Tolkien and was taken on a wonderful, amazing, wild ride. What a book, what a movie. With the amazing imagination of Tolkien, (although I fully believe that he was a traveller between parallel worlds, describing to his avid readers in amazing imagery, the worlds he had visited), combined with the mastery and passion of Peter Jackson, you are again taken away from the uncomplicated, ordinary life you lead. It starts with the attack on poor Bilbo, by the possibility of adventure in his life. Would you take that step? Would you give up tea in front of the fire, would you give up the reading of adventures in far away places, to go on a breathtaking journey, from which you could possibly not return? Would you?

Why is it that the most engrossing of books or movies have the underlining drama of the fight between good and evil? Enormous trolls wanting to make you their supper, ugly goblins hunting you. If you knew that would happen, would you take the step? Would you run out of your door and meet up with them? Maybe not, we are all so set in our ways. Rise, work, sleep. Day after day. So used to tea in front of the fire. What could be better than curling up with a book and watching the time slip by, while fighting evil in distant lands, a long time ago? The ordinary becomes the norm. Everything out of the normal is a threat to your existence. Existence? Really??
Then one day you look up. The sun in setting slowly in the sky. Your tea is cold. Your neck feels cramped, and you suddenly feel your heart contracting as you realize life has passed you by. You have become so used to the nothings of life that you have forgotten what it means to live, what it means to be truly alive.
We need the evil wizard to hunt us through the dark woods. We need the scary and unseen, the not knowing what’s next. We need the uncertainty. It’s in the chase through the woods, that you find your reason for living. You will find your strength, your inner dragon when threatened. It is the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty, that the new and amazing is born. You cannot be truly you, by doing nothing. You cannot find the inner special being, born to shine, by watching as the world slips by.
You have to take the step. You have to take the deepest of breaths and run.
My tea is cold. It is time.


“Sometimes monsters need to rise to awaken the indifferent to start fighting for what is right.”

Do They Want to ?

Do they want to?

Greed will END the world!

Follow us on a journey of discovery and magick, in our world and in the other worlds whispering through the veils. Vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarfs, and humans rise up to fight against the evil races of darkness, who are working together to push earth to its final stand.

All you need is Pixie Dust …

Anthony Douglas Williams said, “When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”


I’ve had many dogs in my life and each had its own personality, its own soul shining through their soft eyes.


Sooner or later they all pass over the rainbow bridge to play in the sunshine awaiting our crossover, leaving us here with soul-scorching tears and broken hearts. I believe as they cross, they pass on a little special something of themselves, to the next soul-friend waiting in the wings.


When I lost my Oortjies, I felt lost. He was my best friend, the only one I could tell things to without being judged, the warm body next to me during a difficult divorce.  The only thing I had left after too many years of wasted time.  So when he passed over in my arms, I swore never to have another again, never to feel that pain again. Never.


Then I saw her. The ‘ugliest’, most gorgeous puppy.  A cross between a Pug and a Cocker Spaniel – Jip I know.  A fluff ball with curly hair just like me, her front teeth sticking out way too far. I lost my heart again and Pixie Dust came home with me. She is my shadow. She follows me around, waits for me at the window to come home.  Then she runs onto the bed and I have to give her kisses all over her neck and her tummy.  I look into that softest of eyes.  And I see them all smiling back at me.  Peppy. Wollie. Patches. Benji. Ore. They are all there in that little soul of love.  I can feel them. I can see them.


After a rough day outside in the real world, with tiredness in my bones, we share a hundred kisses and it all just flows away into nothing, into calmness and love. Into an everything is going to be fine feeling.  I look into her soft eyes and feel the love.


Maybe that is what we, as humans need to do. Really look into the eyes of our fellow searchers on this earth.  See their souls. Feel the love. Don’t judge, don’t ask questions, just share the love. Just share a hundred soul kisses.


Everything will be fine.

One earth, Two worlds, One hope


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“The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it.” www.readarach.com

“You must know the steps to my dance, if you don’t, you can not enter my realm!”

The beautiful and haunted Balleyboley Forest, where ancient druids dance to the magick, to enter forgotten realms, where extinct beings thrive beyond human knowledge.  Find out more at  www.readarach.com

BELIEVE !!!!!!!

Believe – in magic, in beauty. In the small things you don’t see, in the seemingly insignificant kindness, you show. In the goodness left on this earth and the serenity, you may find in silence.

Believe – in the fairy kisses of the morning dew, in the star dust of the evening sky. In the love on their sleeves, in the virtuousness of their deeds.