Greed will END the world!

Follow us on a journey of discovery and magick, in our world and in the other worlds whispering through the veils. Vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarfs, and humans rise up to fight against the evil races of darkness, who are working together to push earth to its final stand.


“The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it.”

“You must know the steps to my dance, if you don’t, you can not enter my realm!”

The beautiful and haunted Balleyboley Forest, where ancient druids dance to the magick, to enter forgotten realms, where extinct beings thrive beyond human knowledge.  Find out more at

Dance with Faeries

Are we, as the human race programmed into our beliefs?

I’m not talking about religions which in it self is a dangerous topic to discuss. I’m talking about our perceptions of the world around us. Little girls are told from a very early age how to look and what to do to be a beautiful princess. They believe they are.

Let’s go much further, much deeper. Let’s take vampires for example. The first appearance of vampires in literature was in 18th-century poetry. The first novel to appear was Polidori’s — The Vampyre in 1819. The vampires of those days were extreme horrors. Evil creatures lurking at night attacking and sucking out the lifeblood of innocent victims.

Now in the present day, we have sparkly vampires who want to take brainless girls to bed, (how does that happen in an undead creature, anyway). Now, most young girls would like to date a vampire. What happened to the vampire’s image. They were taken from evil monsters to possible dates. The human perceptions of them were changed. From horror to acceptance. Now the media is flooded with gorgeous sexy vampires. Acceptable even if they do shine.

Slowly more otherworldly creatures are being outed in Hollywood and printed media. Werewolves are not scary creatures howling at the moon. No, they are sensitive, with broken hearts longing to be loved. Who would not accept that? More and more mythical creatures are stepping up. Faeries, trolls, and dwarfs, are headlining the movie scene.

Humans are being programmed to accept creatures of the night. When they do step out of the cupboard of fantasy, under the veils of darkness, we will invite them into our homes. We were told that they can love and have feelings and are only misunderstood. It was our fault that they had to hide for centuries, anyway. When that day comes and they walk among us, it will not be chaos and a hunting of the undesirables. No. We have been programmed to accept them, to let them share our lives in peace and understanding.

I for one believed in the otherworld’s existence long before the twilights and true bloods. I for one can’t wait. Date a vampire. No, maybe a sexy Scottish werewolf, in a kilt of course.

But to dance with faeries, listen to dwarf tales, ride on unicorns and …..Oh, the possibilities are so amazingly endless.

You will definitely find me flying over the rainbow on my fiery red dragon. 


“The prophecies all say that vampires will cause the end of the world. They are so wrong. It is greed. Greed will end the world of humans.” –


Drink RubyRed

Drink RubyRed, You have a choice. Be Kind, Don’t Kill, They are human after all. The blood for the vegan among us. We do not believe in killing humans!
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Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life

“In Norse mythology Yggdrasil is the name of an enormous glistening ash tree that cradles the nine realms of the cosmos within its branches and roots, thereby connecting all things. The holy tree is evergreen, and is covered in moist white loam. It supports all of creation – gods, giants, man and beasts – some of which eat directly from the branches and roots of the tree. Yggdrasil is also called the World Tree or Tree of Life, because it contains all the worlds and represents the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.The true principles and meanings of the tree, as well as all Old Norse religion and myths, are profound and complex, yet strikingly beautiful.”  – Kimberly Lin

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We are proud and excited to announce the RELEASE of  ARACH – An Ardú The Rising!

We are proud and excited to announce the RELEASE of  ARACH – An Ardú The Rising!

Prophecies are revealed and come to pass. The gods play their games in ancient crystal caves. Unknown and extinct beings join the struggle. New and old friends gather in forgotten realms to fight the darkness rising over our earth. The sun grows weaker day by day preparing for the end of times. A giant wolf regrets the role he has to play. Blood flows into the starving earth. The dead rise to slay those in their way.


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PURCHASE BOOK #1 – Arach – Within Lie Dragons by M.G. Schoombee

PURCHASE BOOK #2 – Arach: Whispering Souls by M.G. Schoombee

Can the unseen, otherworldly beings stand together to stop the extinction of those who do not believe in them – the human race, do they WANT to?