An excellent read…

A beautifully written fantasy about a group of friends dreaming of becoming rock stars. The story is filled with humor, adventure and even a bit of romance. Throughout the story line, the author’s passion and beliefs are strongly evident, in the characters and the scenes portrayed, the characters are interesting and believable. All age groups can easily relate to the charming characters. An excellent read, I enjoyed the book/story line immensely and can’t wait to follow Raphael and his loyal friends on their next “magical” adventure. Ronel Smuts

Because I want to…

Spring is in the air, soon flowers will start to bloom and you can feel the anticipation. New life crawling over the coldness of winter. This is my favorite time of the year. You can feel the hope in the air. Everything is clear and pretty and fresh. But this is also a very sad time for me. For now, the yearly slaughter of the beloved dolphins starts in Taiji. As new life blooms in Africa, sacred lives get taken away brutally in Japan.
I try and stay away from the social media platforms because I do not want those images burnt into my soul. Every now and then you are too slow and the posts get to you. A blue cove day, Yeah no precious blood was spilled today, I will sigh. Then the heart-chilling photo of dolphins struggling in the blood of their family, their pod. You either get pulled out of the bloodied ocean and transported to a life of captivity to entertain that pests of earth, the human race, or even worse you get sold to the cruel armies of the world, to be used in their ever growing money making warfare. If you lucky I suppose, you get killed, while you stare into the eyes of your attackers.
Why? Why in this world of plenty do we really need to eat dolphin or whales? Why? To satisfy the greed of humans. I recently read that a bill is being discussed in America to legalize the slaughter of dogs in shelters because the Chinese want it on their menus. Really? Why?
Because I want it. The motto of now, I want it, so give it to me.
The animals are dying but I want to shoot a rhino, to hang its head on my wall. Why, because I want to! Hey, I will shoot a magnificent elephant while he is eating, and then my whole family will sit on it and laugh. Sharks are being killed in hundreds of thousands a year. Why? Because I want to eat shark fin soup. Because I want to.
Why must the human race destroy and rape everything in its path? To get what? Satisfaction for a sad miserable life. Would it not be hundred times more satisfying to save and protect those animals, see the whales and dolphins swimming in the wide beautiful oceans. Protect those who can’t talk for themselves. What would you prefer soft cuddling doggie kisses or a piece of meat on your plate? Awesome dolphins surfing and jumping in the oceans or a sad show in a small pool, carrying mistaken cruel humans on their backs.
If you preferred the later I really don’t want to know you. I would prefer if a tsunami wiped you from the earth. Perhaps soon, I pray. Why? Because I want that.

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy ??


One earth, two worlds, one hope…

“One earth, two worlds, one hope – can faeries, dwarfs, witches, vampires, and werewolves stand together to stop the extinction of those who do not believe in them – the human race. Do they WANT to ??? ”

We need them !!!

The Earth Warriors are rising, awaking from their restless sleep. Mother Earth needs them. The Animals need them. We need them.

Treasures can be found in the most unlikely of places – you just need to really look!

Take a journey on an epic adventure with Raph and his band through worlds unknown. Meet creatures that will blow your mind, characters that will tickle your tummy and immerse yourself in events that will leave you in a cold sweat. For more on the Arach Trilogy, visit the official website:

Or our author website:

A little bit of dust…

Do you believe in faeries? Not the sweet little Barbie-like perfect winged creatures created by Hollywood. No. Real faeries. Do you believe?
I have this absolute fascination with the fae. I read everything about them, follow blogs about them. Collect them. I have many hanging from the roof in my little cottage. I’m in love with the Froud fae because that is how I would imagine them.
I have met many fae on meditational journeys and danced in faery rings with them in my dreams. But actually, meet one….. Maybe.
A few weeks ago I was meditating as usual under our beautiful lush green Wishing tree. The lower branches are wrapped in colorful ribbons of wishes send to Mother Earth. Lanterns of all colors play among the leaves and the soft whispers of water dancing around the Buddha’s knees filled the air.
During the meditation, I was playing with the fae in a far off forest. Running through the trees. A tree spirit caught my curly hair and captured me for a while. I playfully removed the hold and rushed after the fae, running over the streams. I disappeared in the otherworld for a long while and returned to reality with a blissful sigh.
Much later in the day, someone asked what I had in my hair. On closer inspection, I found a beautiful shining silver leaf braided into my hair. As I pulled to try and get it out it softly dissolved into a soft silver dust. I send it to the wishing tree, in a puff of kisses and gratitude.
Do I believe in Faeries? Of course, I do. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of dust. Do you believe?

Within Lie Dragons !

Vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarfs, and humans rise up to fight against the evil races of darkness, who are working together to push earth to its final stand.
To the “Ragnarok” of all living things.

What will they find there ??

The legendary, mythical Hy-Brasil, the phantom island of Ireland could possibly make an appearance in the final book of ARACH.  Hy-Brasil  appeared on ancient maps as early as 1325.  On most maps, it was located off the west coast of Ireland.  In Irish myth, it was said to be clouded in mist except for one day every seven years when it became visible but still could not be reached.

What will our gang find there? What will they do there? Find out more at  or


Listen !!!

“Really, you have come this far on this journey and you still do not believe that trees can talk. Trees talk, bushes talk, flowers talk, even the subservient grass we are sitting on talks. You do not listen.”