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Death, Drama, and Daryl.

I must admit I never liked zombies or any movie, book or series about them. Friends and family tried to convince me for years to watch the Walking Dead. Nope. I don’t like zombies. Way, way too far-fetched. Really. The dead walking and feeding, really? I prefer flying dragons and singing fae myself. They tried to lure me with the cute guy that you would like bait, (now that would be Daryl Dixon,) but no I did not fall for even that. Then the fickle gods of fandom tricked me once into watching. Totally by accident.

That is all it took. The next two weekends were spent catching up on three seasons of the Walking Dead, till three, four in the morning. I was hooked. Totally.

And of course, Daryl Dixon was my hero; (they were right), I could not wait to catch just a glimpse of the rugged dirty hillbilly. Much to my initial shock and later joy I found hundreds of pages on all the social media forums, where fans can chat to each other about their addiction. I loved it. Then came the long, long wait for the other seasons to start. The anticipation, the little teasers on the social media sites, made that opening tune heart racing and nail-biting pleasure. It’s the same, waiting for the new eighth season after an awful cliffhanger, and in we go without further ado. Blood. Bodies and Bacon — fried.

The strangest thing is how you become totally accustomed to things. I used to squirm from horror movies, too much blood. Now you have dinner watching a zombie or Walker as per the Walking Dead, tearing an unfortunate human’s neck to pieces. The blood splattering is cool. Then the fifth season starts and you have humans eating humans and the stomach turns. Strange how the one became acceptable but the other not. Discussing their choice of food with the poor man whose leg they were eating, was just a little too much to take. For now.

So I want to thank the writers of the comics as well as the series and all who take part in this awesome project. You have made blood splattering all over cool. You have taken me from the shiny fae and beautiful fantasy lover to a hardcore, blood loving zombie fan.

I used to be a scary pants who would properly have died on the first day. I do believe I could possibly survive the zombie apocalypse now. I won’t faint with the blood and flesh flying. I now scope each building I walk in — what can I use, where can you hide, what can you loot? My weapon of choice the bow and arrow of course (not because that is Daryl choice,) No, because you don’t have to get too close to kill. Almost perfect.

Daryl fighting by my side. Now that would be perfect.

Image: Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in AMC’s The Walking Dead- Photo Credit AMC

“Greed will end the world of humans.”

An entrance to the Otherworlds, where will the road end?

An entrance to the Otherworlds? Where will the road end? Find out now, get your books at

Hope remains!

Evil can breed in the most unlikely of places. If you wander and get lost beyond the veils of reality, you could come face to face with your monster, but hope remains.

Raph needs to find the powerful being within to stop the tidal wave of evilness washing over our precious earth.

Flowers for Caroline.

I pulled my coat tighter around my body and dug my face deeper into my scarf and hat. The full moon shone silver rivulets in the graveyard. I glanced around, only ancient tombs surrounded me. Fear danced in my stomach. “You’re crazy, a woman alone in the cemetery, at night and on a full moon?” my friends’ voices scattered around my brain. “There is nothing to be afraid of, I’m going to solve this puzzle,” I convinced myself for the hundredth time, while I record every little dark shady corner in my head.

The cold sun peeped slowly at me and I rose creaking out of my hiding place. I stretched every cramped, frozen muscle back into position. The crimson glow on the grave enchanted me. I walked groaning and shivering closer to the beautiful monument. Caroline lay on her stone bed, sleeping for ages, while a book slips out of her hand. An instant photograph of the day she died in 1867. A breathtaking sculpture of her beauty. Slowly I removed the wilted flowers on her grave, it turned to dust in my hands. I hesitated before touching the blood-red flower lying in her hand.

“It cannot be, it is impossible” I read furiously through my notes, every fifteen minutes I recorded the night, noting the time in each instance. I certainly did not fall asleep. I did not see someone place the fresh red flower in her hands. For almost a hundred and fifty years, every morning a fresh flower lay in her carved hands, every morning — rain or snow. Every morning a fresh flower. This morning again. I sat and waited and I did not see anyone.

The icy wind spat snowflakes in my face. I glanced around the graveyard. There were no footprints, nothing. I carefully picked up the red flower, afraid it would crumble in my hand. The fresh juice dripped on my hand. Its odor hung in the air. Who has for the last 150 years,  given Caroline a fresh flower, every day?

We have to fight!

“We cannot refuse now. We have been called. We have to answer the call and we have to fight!”

An Ardú – The Rising!

ARACH – An Ardú The Rising!

Prophecies are revealed and come to pass. The gods play their games in ancient crystal caves. Unknown and extinct beings join the struggle. New and old friends gather in forgotten realms to fight the darkness rising over our earth. The sun grows weaker day by day preparing for the end of times. A giant wolf regrets the role he has to play. Blood flows into the starving earth. The dead rise to slay those in their way.

Will Raphael and his warriors be able to fight the massacre of all beings? Will they stop the devouring of our earth? Can the hidden realms and our world stand together? Do they want to? Will they?

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PURCHASE BOOK #1 – Arach – Within Lie Dragons by M.G. Schoombee

PURCHASE BOOK #2 – Arach: Whispering Souls by M.G. Schoombee

Raphael and the Cosmic Kickers – the new soul of rock!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the handsome lead singer and guitarist of the new up and coming band, The Cosmic Kickers, who has been rocking the British Isles recently. As Raphael strolled in, I could see why his Twitter and Facebook pages have been climbing through the roof. He is breathtakingly gorgeous. I struggled to catch my breath and my heart skipped a beat as he draped himself over the chair. He agreed that I could ask him ten questions and he would answer them as truthfully as possible.

1. Where has the Comic Kickers and Raphael been all these musically dry years?

Dreaming of becoming bigger than the Guns. Then one day we stopped dreaming and took the first step to becoming it. It all just fell into place after that decision, the other members of the band, the manager, the gigs. It all just came together like a huge puzzle.

2. All the members are ‘newbie’s’, yet so talented?

Yup. Some of us like Selene the bassist and Ferin the drummer played for small garage bands or at parties and stuff like that. But yeah, it ‘s the first time in the big leagues for all of us.

3. Where did you learn to play and sing?

I had a music teacher for a few days when I was younger, but he let me know in very few words that I should rather take up football. So it was basically watching other bands like the Guns play, copying them and playing night after night. Drove me Mum mad.

4. From the first gig, you had sold out shows, why do you think that is?

I suppose our Manager Zoë is just so awesome. From the start, she picked the perfect places for us and packed it to the brim with eager ears.

5. You seem to play a gig or two and then disappear for a few weeks and then bam, you are back again. Where do you disappear to and why don’t you play week after week? That is what the people want.

We work on our music constantly. We like to take trips to weird places and just get back to the basics of it, you know what I mean. Then we get back and satisfy our fans again with some more magic. We just have other stuff to do you know. For now.

6.What can be more important than playing your music and making it big?

There are important things in this life that you have to attend to, things that matter.


The earth, we are killing her with all the pollution, destroying of resources and killing of the animals. The humans need to learn that they are wrong, that they are going to kill everything. If everything is dead, there will be no music.

The Humans, are you not human?

Of course, I am. I mean us, we all have to wake up and start building a better future for all of us.

7. So you have an environmental agenda as well, don’t you think every star is jumping on that wagon now?

I ‘m not a star, not yet anyway. And why not? If you are famous and got the bucks use it wisely, rather fight for what is right than sniff it up your nose.

8. So you don’t do drugs then?

Hey, we smoke the occasional green stuff but that is it. You need to be on your guard always. Be alert to what is happening around you. You can’t be flying off on some cloud to Neverland.

Why do you have to be alert, there aren’t many dangers threatening you or the band?

No of course not. Hmm, It’s just, life is a battle, you have to be alert for the next opportunity or the next dirtbag trying to take what you have earned, from you. This business is cut-throat, as you know.

9. You seem to have gathered a few of those dirtbags among your fans. I believe you were all arrested for a bar fight with some bikers or something?

They started it and not all of us were in jail and it was only for a few hours. The club manager vouched for us. We are now close friends with the bikers. You just need to get to know some people in a bit more special way.

10. Well, you are a rock band, I would expect a bit of rowdiness, otherwise, you are just fakers. Right? It was absolutely awesome to chat with you Raph. Is there a special message you would like to tell all your fans and soon to be fans out there?

You must find that being inside, for which you are prepared to die for, fight and find your path in the world. Believe in you in your dreams and in your destiny.

There you have it if you are a fan of the Cosmic Kickers and Raphael, believe in who you are and hold your thumbs and toes for the awards ceremony.

You can learn more about Raphael and The Cosmic Kickers at


“Listen to the whispers of the trees, the softer the whisper the more important the message. Listen with your soul.”